In the dimly lit corridors of creativity, where the essence of art often mingles with the aroma of nostalgia, lies the "Experience Meatloaf Project," a labor of love, whimsy, and imagination crafted by Jeffrey “Pope” Pankey. This project, born in the eclectic crucible oF his Seattle shop, "Alt Space," began as a seed of curiosity in 2010. It was an ambitious endeavor to chart the unexplored history of a dish so ubiquitous yet so overlooked.

When reality lacked such a history, he sought to sculpt one from the clay of fiction and the breadcrumbs of satire. The gallery doors that were meant to unveil this meatloaf pantheon shuttered before their time, and the artwork, much like a forgotten recipe, collected the dust of years in the corners of creation.

As the pages of the calendar turned and the Pacific Northwest became a memory, a relocation to Pennsylvania marked a new chapter. The original works, those relics of his initial vision, didn't survive the journey. But art, like the finest ingredients, has a way of coming together under the right conditions. Enter the dawn of AI, breathing life into the once-still frames of the "Experience Meatloaf Project."


With the digital winds at his back, he’s resurrected the essence of the original pieces, while stirring in fresh, vibrant ideas to the mix. The body of work that once languished now thrives, each piece an echo of the past and a beacon of the present.

The show’s opening event is not merely an exhibition; it's a banquet of expression, a testament to resilience, and a homage to the humble meatloaf. As the event unfurls,guests will be treated to a feast for the senses: a meatloaf contest to tantalize the taste buds, melodies to celebrate the meaty muse, and art that weaves the faux history of this culinary cornerstone.

This project is a tribute to the meatloaf's journey through time—a journey that mirrors his own. Each guest, each laugh, each bite is a brushstroke on this canvas of community. Welcome to the  "Experience Meatloaf Project," where history is served with a side of mirth and a sprinkle of wonder.