about pope

Jeffrey "Pope" Pankey

Pope has over 35 years experience designing and managing large art projects in both galleries and he worked for Burning Man for 17 years. He brings talent, strength & experience to the table with every project no matter how big or small.

Born in Los Angeles, raised in Boise Idaho, he spent his adult life in Seattle until 2019 when he and his wife moved across country and purchased an old car dealership in Appalachia and converted into an art gallery, coffee shop and artist residency.  The Tissue Farm was born.


Thoughts on AI Art

This new art resides somewhere between painting and photography. It lives in a possibility space as large as painting and drawing—as huge as human imagination. But you move through the space like a photographer, hunting for discoveries. Tweaking your prompts, you may arrive at a spot no one has visited before, so you explore this area slowly, taking snapshots as you step through. The territory might be a subject, or a mood, or a style, and it might be worth returning to. The art is in the craft of finding a new area and setting yourself up there, exercising good taste and the keen eye of curation in what you capture. When photography first appeared, it seemed as if all the photographer had to do was push the button. Likewise, it seems that all a person has to do for a glorious AI image is push the button. In both cases, you get an image. But to get a great one—a truly artistic one—well, that’s another matter.