I've gone down the AI Art Rabbit hole. 

I've been learning to engineer prompts (it's quite a learning curve and much like learning to code in a new language) and after much work I am finally able to begin to produce things (with many iterations) that I find worthy of showing.  And I can’t stop creating adorkable images.  Hence the name: ‘Adorkables’ (thanks Zoey).

These were produced by crafting very specific language to create ridiculous scenes in my head, feeding that scene description to multiple AI's, which create image outputs based on my prompts, and then massaging the language and editing the iterations to get coherent results. It can take a while.  But totally worth it.

These were all produced in combination with DALL-E. Midjourney and Stable Diffusion and photoshop. #adorkables. 

The Little stories attached to each artwork are all my crazy.